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Pooper Picker Upper kids was started in 2015 by Kaelan Fisher in an effort to find a side job like his father had as a kid(Newspaper Delivery). It quickly became evident that there are no longer Newspaper jobs, and this seemed like the next best thing. Now, a few years later, Kaelan and His Sister have a passion for teaching the lessons they have learned about business, hard work, and responsibility to other kids.


Our team of hard working Pooper Picker Upper Kids will make sure your yard is poop-free. Click the Learn More button tosee the map and locate a Pooper Picker Upper Kid near you.


Want to learn how to run a business while you’re young and still earn money? We’ve got an opportunity for you! Click the Learn More button to gain a better look on what’s in store for you.


Learning about business from an early
age can help our future. I wanted to give this opportunity to other kids just like me. Click
the Learn More button to read on about my business story.

Want to Join the Pooper Picker Upper Team?

Learning the ins and outs of running a business while you’re young is such a big step in advancing your career of entrepreneurship. Not only are you learning a valuable skill set for your future, but you are making money which you can use toward an abundance of things. For just a small investment, you can start your future today, which will benefit you for a lifetime. Click the Apply Now button to take your first step in becoming a Kidtrepreneurship!


Learning About Responsibility

Responsibility is one of the most important virtues to grow while being a part of the Pooper Picker Upper Kids. It is important to show up on time to a customer’s house, keep track of payments, and much more. Responsibility is important in any career you plan on pursuing, so disciplining yourself to learn responsibility now will greatly benefit you in the future

Helping our Community

Being a Kidtrepreneurial isn’t just learning about business and making money, it is about helping our community. Many people in your community need the Pooper Picker Upper Kids to cleanup after their dogs for multiple reasons. One may be disabled, of old age, is busy, doesn’t have the time, or just wants to support Pooper Picker Upper Kids in their path to kidtrepreneurship. Help your community look cleaner, and smell better, by becoming a Pooper Picker Upper Kid today!



I want to give kids like you the same opportunity that I have had, to learn about business while you’re young. You will gain the knowledge now, so you can advance your career in entrepreneurship at an earlier age. This will allow you to progress in your business and give you more time to grow. I am so excited to have you on my team, learning just like I have to run a successful business on your own one day. The earlier you learn, the more time you have to grow and be successful.

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Yorba Linda, CA

The Original Pooper Picker Upper Kid

Kaelan started Pooper Picker Upper Kids when he was just 11 years old. Since then, he has learned a lot over the years and has improved his skills. Now, he wants to share his knowledge about starting a business with other Kidtrepreneurials today.


Lead Kidtrepreneurial


Just two years older than Kaelan, his sister Taytum became the first kidtrepreneurial. She is there to
help out with a lot of the organizational skills of the operation, keeping everything in check.


Family (40 of 44)
The supportive family


Kaelan comes from a family of eight.He has five siblings,Kaelan being the 2nd oldest.He is leading the way not only for future Kidtrepreneurials,but also for his younger brothers and sisters.


our team members

Las Vegas, NV,

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Kaelan Fisher

Senior Sales Manager

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